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SteelMan Strength Complete 4-In-1 Massage + Mobility Set

The most complete massage and mobility set designed with you and your health in mind


Premium Quality

The most complete set of mobility and massage tools available – our research-based products have been designed to offer optimal pressure for maximum results. From our high-density foam roller to our revolutionary slick massage stick and our anti-snap resistance bands – we’re bringing you the most cutting-edge, high quality products that will complement your workouts and enhance your performance.

Evidence Based

When it comes to fitness and recovery, we stick to old school, evidence- based methods that have been scientifically proven and tried and tested time and time again. Our scientifically supported, eco friendly products are the best available – and so too is our supplementary information. We believe in an all-encompassing approach to long-term success, so you can rest assured there’ll be no fleeting fads or false promises here.

Top-To-Toe Therapy

Our 4-In1 Foam Roller Set perfectly combines perfectly with our Complete Exercise Bands and Resistance Set to offer the ultimate package for physical therapy, mobility and recovery. Our grid textured foam roller will to take care of your back, hamstrings and IT bands, and the slick massage stick to provide myofascial release to your quads and calves. The lacrosse ball allows 360-degree movement and even more specific targeting for those more awkward-to-reach areas that require deeper pressure, while our spikey ball will help boost circulation to your hands and feet. In addition, our exercise bands and tubes offer a huge range of resistance, which can be applies to all large muscle groups.

Travel Friendly

We all know the added aches and pains that travelling by plane, train or car can bring on (we’ve been there, and we get it!). Our industry-leading products are not only firm and robust enough to take on the wear and tear of travel but are also light and compact enough for you to easily slip in your kit bag, case or carry on so you never have to be without them while you’re on-the-move.